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Approved By The Nevada Registry.

We offer the mandatory training classes required by the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC) which is part of the Nevada Health Division. All online training courses are approved by the Nevada Registry and accepted by childcare licensing.

Our vision is to  support,  strengthen, and enhance the integrity of early childhood programs by providing  professional, quality training to child care providers…”

Assembly Bill No. 109 was approved by Governor Sandoval this past May and
is now in effect. Please read the attached memo which addresses director
qualifications and training requirements for Child Care Facilities that
care for more than twelve children.

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CKA 1: Human Growth & Development
  • Early Childhood Language Development:
    Phonological Awareness Online Training

    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA1-A):

    The first section of this training outlines speech and language milestones and phonological awareness activities to help build students’ language development. The second section provides information on storytelling and curriculum planning, reading with a purpose, reading readiness, and reading methods and models appropriate for preschool children.
  • Child Development: Infant, Toddler, Preschool Online Training
    (3hrs / Price:$15) (Item# CKA1-B):
    Early childhood development is the foundation for community development and economic development, as capable children become the foundation of a prosperous and sustainable society. This training outlines growth and brain development that takes place during the first years of life, Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, and social-emotional milestones are also outlined in this training.
  • Multiple Intelligences Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA1-C):
    Understanding every child’s potential through multiple intelligences is important as each child has varying interests. As teachers get to know their students over time, teachers are learning about the child’s abilities and what the child is doing well. It is likely that activities and abilities that the child is doing well will be good indicators of the child’s “intelligence type.”
  • Sign Language and Child Care Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) New! (Item# CKA1-D)
    Anytime you can communicate clearly, a conversation is more beneficial. When a conversation is one-sided, and you cannot express yourself in a way that delivers a message properly, the experience can be frustrating. The same goes for young children. Welcome to the life of an infant and toddler. The infant cannot speak the words so the parent doesn’t understand the information. Toddlers are just beginning to talk but the words just don’t come out clearly. Signing can bridge this gap, stimulating psychological and emotional growth and development.
  • Child Care Centers and the Americans With Disabilities Act
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) New! (Item# CKA1-E)
    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law. The Act states that people with disabilities are entitled to equal rights in employment, state and local public services, and public accommodations such as preschools, child care centers, and family child care homes.
CKA 2: Positive Interaction & Guidance
  • Deployment: Coping Strategies for Children Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA2-A):

    Childcare providers will be able to identify the common signs of emotional stress in children, teach children skills to foster self expression, and encourage children to identify their feelings. Rebuilding security in young children, the four basic feelings, and tips for teaching preschool children how to deal with anger are also discussed in this training.
  • What do you do with a Bully? Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA2-B)
    Bullying is one of the most concerning social interactions facing children and schools today. The training helps caregivers identify the signs of bullying as well as the short and long time affects these behaviors can have on bullies and their victims.
  • Preventing Burnout in Child Care Providers Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA2-C):
    This training is designed to provide childcare providers with an understanding of what “Burnout” is. Strategies for dealing with stressors and burnout are addressed and how to prevent burnout and possible treatments.
  • Cultural Diversity Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA2-D):

    This training is provides definitions of cultural terms, race, and ethnicity. Learning how to respond to issues dealing with diversity are discussed. Child care providers will have to opportunity to reflect on their own feelings of diversity. Childcare policies and procedures are also outlined.
  • What to do with Challenging Behavior Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA2-E)
    Behavior that interfere with a child’s learning, development, and success at play, puts a child at higher risk for later social problems or school failures. Learn functions of children’s’ behavior, ways to build positive relationships, how to design a supportive environment, and teaching strategies designed to decrease challenging behavior.
  • Classrooms Transitions: Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA2-F) Coming Soon!

    Transitions can be a very time-consuming activity in the classroom. Transitions can also be disruptive and produce unproductive instructional time. This training provides strategies to prepare students for effective classroom transitions.
  • Anger Management – I Am So MAD!
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA2-G)
    What is ANGER? How do you deal with your anger? Techniques to deal with anger. Our goal is not to repress or destroy angry feelings in children–or in ourselves–but rather to accept the feelings and to help channel and direct them to constructive ends.
  • Conflict Resolution
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA2-H)
    Children’s conflicts over toys, space, and friendships create many challenges for teachers and parents. You, the early childhood professional, play a key role in helping children grow into responsible, caring members of our society. This course presents effective ways to help children resolve conflicts and methods for teaching these concepts to very young children. This course includes some of the most fun, educational, and innovative activities we have seen!
CKA 3: Observation & Assessment
  • Observation Plan:
    What to do with Assessment Results Online Training

    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA3-A)
    This training offers child care leaders and teachers with a comprehensive observation plan for use in evaluating children. Participants will learn guiding principles that serve as a framework for assessing student learning. Although, there is no “one size fits all” type of assessment or student outcomes assessments, guiding principles are intended to provide schools with the understanding of types of activities needed to effectively evaluate students. Learn how to use assessment results to plan and carry out developmentally appropriate practices.
CKA 4: Environment & Curriculum
  • Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (CKA4-A)

    Curriculum is a roadmap for learning with focus on knowledge and skills. The historical foundations of curriculum and instruction provide an understanding of what supervisors observe during classroom evaluations. This training provides predominant themes about the supervision and evaluation of instruction, supervision and evaluation issues, and current trends.


CKA 5: Health, Nutrition & Safety
  • Health, Nutrition, & Safety:
    Obesity Awareness (Part 1) Online Training

    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA5-A):

    This training provides childcare providers with information on the importance of eating healthy, nutrition facts, maintaining a safe environment in preschool programs, and obesity awareness. An introduction to the “Let’s Move” Initiative, ChooseMyPlate, physical education activities, safety policies, and child obesity awareness are addressed in this training.
  • Health, Nutrition, & Safety:
    Obesity Awareness (Part 2) Online Training

    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA5-A2):

    Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The good news? Childhood obesity can be prevented. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to create opportunities for kids to eat healthier and move more.
  • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA5-B):

    This training is designed to provide childcare providers with tools needed to recognize the indicators of child abuse and neglect. Participants will also gain knowledge in how to report abuse and how to respond to a disclosure.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Online Training (SIDS)
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA5-C):

    The purpose of this training is to help childcare providers protect children while in their care. The goal is to create a safer environment for infants to help prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Emergency Preparedness Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15) (Item# CKA5-D):

    It is important for child care providers to prepare for emergencies because one could occur while children are in your care. Emergencies that have been known to involve child care providers include car/van accidents, fires, chemical releases, and utility outages and more.
  • Dispensing Medication in Child Care
    (2 hrs | Price: $12) (Item# CKA5-E):

    On a typical day, millions of children in the United States receive care in licensed child care centers . As providers for these children, you play an important role in their development, nurturing, health, and safety. Some children in your child care setting may need to take medications during the hours you provide care for them.
CKA 6: Family & Community Relations
  • Building a Professional Learning Community Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12(Item# CKA6-A)

    Childcare providers will learn of the importance in building a professional learning community. A discussion on the recommended four step process in building a learning community and how to involve leaders, teachers, parents and the community as part of the learning environment.
  • Parent Involvement:
    Positive Communication Online Training

    (2 hrs | Price: $12(Item# CKA6-B)

    Research shows that parent involvement plays an important role in the lives of children. Children tend to have fewer behavior problems, better academic performance, and children are more likely to complete secondary school. This training outlines the importance of parent involvement, communication with parents, and parent involvement strategies.
CKA 7: Leadership and Professional Development
  • School Readiness:
    The Transition to Kindergarten Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15(Item# CKA7-A)
    School readiness is a prevalent issue facing the nation today and mandated initiatives have placed rigorous demands on schools and educators. This training provides research-based knowledge and facts on kindergarten “the new first grade” with recommendations on how young children can experience a smoother transition to kindergarten. Learn what every public and private preschool and kindergarten teacher, leader, and parent should know about the rigorous transition to kindergarten, children’s’ school readiness, and best practices based on what schools are doing across the nation.
CKA 8: Management & Administration
  • Preparing for Accreditation Online Training
    (3 hrs | Price: $15(Item# CKA8-A)

 Accreditation is a status and educational institution recognition process to              determine whether your programs meets program standards and continuously  seeks ways to enhance the quality of education and training provided. This training provides information on types and benefits of accreditation, developing a shared vision, identifying stakeholders, and developing corrective action plans.  Portfolio and documentation, and conducing a mock visit are also discussed.

  • Developing a School Vision and Mission Online Training
    (2 hrs | Price: $12(Item# CKA8-B) 

Developing a school vision and mission statement is written in an easy, yet inspirational manner that employees can repeat at any time. Whether leaders or teacher change, employees are able to continue to follow a clear vision. This training provides easy steps and templates to develop a vision and mission for your organization.




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